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Patient Centered Care

Our commitment to providing exceptional care to you is guided by our core values of compassion, evidence, and safety.


We strive to understand your suffering, and we offer treatments that have efficacy for treating health conditions and have developed new indications for which effectiveness is less well proven. Ketamine is provided to treat treatment resistant depression, PTSD and anxiety, off-label. Medical cannabis is also offered off-label for many chronic health conditions. Off-label means Health Canada has not officially approved the medication for the specific indication for which it is prescribed.


We follow evidence-based prescribing and therapeutic practices.We value the most scientifically sound approach. Ketamine by intravenous route is the delivery system used in the majority of clinical studies. This method of ketamine delivery powers the scientific evidence of efficacy. Recent studies show that successful treatments for chronic health conditions require integrated care, a combination of treatments, and patient involvement in the care.


Your safety is of utmost concern to us at Caledon Clinic. We follow best practices for the safe delivery of treatments and for infection control as set out by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO). We are a Level 2 Out of Hospital Premises clinic approved by the CPSO.

Our Approach

Our commitment to providing you exceptional care is guided by our core values of compassion, evidence, and safety.

All treatment plans are shaped by a balanced consideration of relative risks and benefits for you.

Our approach incorporates the multi-modal philosophy, which recognizes the interdependent function of neural pathways that regulate pain and mood symptoms.

  1. An initial consultation with the doctor to develop a comprehensive symptom assessment and review of current health status to identify special considerations in your treatment plan.
  2. We will recommend a treatment plan that will address therapy dimensions to improve your health condition, including psychotherapy, medications, and mind-body connection therapies.
  3. Your treatment plan may include recommendations for: ketamine therapy, medical cannabis therapy, and psychotherapy.