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Logo with stamp
Logo with stamp

Our Logo.

Our logo is the word ‘Tharpa’ (pronounced ‘Tar-pa’) which means ‘freedom or liberation’ in the Tibetan language.

The four brush strokes inside the logo circle correspond to the Tibetan word ‘’.

The logo was created by the world-renowned Tibetan calligraphy master Tashi Mannox.

We chose our logo with our goal in mind.

Our Goal.

At Caledon Clinic our goal is to provide you the best possible care so you may heal and find liberation from your severe mental health challenges.

Beyond the literal meaning of Tharpa (freedom) is the intended meaning:

“The greater goal of an unshakeable freedom from the negative states of mind and their oppressive impact on life.”

The Circular Design.

The design is ‘drutsa’ (roundel) style; in which the stylized letters that make up the word ‘Tharpa’ are incorporated in a circle, a universal archetype of completion.

The circle is also the circle of connection we have with you, our clients.