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Medical Cannabis – FAQ

The main differences are in a person’s motivation for use of cannabis;

1) symptom control versus merely to feel a change in consciousness

2) medical pharmacology principles are applied in selecting minimum effective dose for a person’s symptoms so that it does not produce a significant cannabis drug effect, which would reduce the overall benefit to the person versus a deliberate goal of producing impairment

3) safe methods of administration only are chosen to administer cannabis for treatment.

Finally, to achieve the optimal effect from medical cannabis a physician’s consultation explores co-existing medical conditions and pharmacology and finds methods of finding positive drug interactions and opportunities for non-medication treatments to increase the benefit.

The 2017 National Academies of Science Medicine and Engineering publication “ The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research” identifies evidence-based indications:

1) chronic non cancer pain

2) chemotherapy associated nausea and vomiting,

3) muscle spasm in multiple sclerosis and

4) refractory epilepsy.

Please follow the links from our call to action button. We are a specialist consultation clinic and we require a doctor to doctor referral to conduct the consultation within the payment for service structure.

No, the consultation is a service for which payment comes from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The cost of medical cannabis products is not reimbursed by third party payers, except for (exceptional circumstances)an existing WSIB claim. Patients with access to ODSP benefits can receive support for the pharmaceutical cannabinoid nabilone.

The doctor will issue a medical document that specifies a daily amount , which allows the holder to possess a greater mass than is legally permitted for anon-medical use. Licensed producers will supply the cannabis to the patient, usually via an online ordering portal.

The doctor will specify treatments for your symptoms that specify product types, doses, routes of administration and when you should use medical cannabis for your symptoms.

There is no standardization in nomenclature or batch to batch potency for many cannabis products, when comparing one licensed producer to another.

Many products are nearly equivalent chemically but despite this it is hard for a patient to be confident in selecting medication unless there can be a specific recommendation from the doctor.

Further, even when a specific recommendation is made, the patient may find the recommended medication is not available when they try to order it from a licensed producer.

These problems are addressed for the most part by choosing Medical Cannabis by Shoppers as the initial Licensed Producer. There is no financial relationship between Caledon Clinic and Medical Cannabis by Shoppers.

Patients may seek to reduce the cost of medical cannabis by growing their own medication. The clinic will assist you with the application to Health Canada’s regulatory process.